About Charlie Hallam

I am fast approaching the end of my 18th year in real estate and 14th year as a Broker. I started out with Lake View Realty in 2003 and then spent 4.5 years with Lynne B. Wilson and Associates and the last 12 years with CAPRE (California Professional Real Estate) before opening my own Agency as Hallam Homes.

I have been listing and selling the mountain from Crestline to Big Bear for all of my RE career. I recently dropped the Big Bear market but still go as far a Green Valley Lake and actually live in the San Moritz area of Crestline next to Lake Gregory and have my office in downtown Crestline on Lake Drive at the Alpine Mall.

Prior to real estate sales I was a licensed General Contractor and was fortunate to work my way into some of the most exclusive Los Angeles neighborhoods like Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Pacific Palisades, Encino, Northridge and other upper scale neighborhoods.  After 22 successful years in construction remodeling and building multimillion dollar homes, the stress was more then I wanted to deal with as I approached 50 years of age.

Though I had millions of dollars of construction lined up I knew in my heart is was time to give myself a break and so began calling my Clients to let them know I would no longer be available and then I took 4 years off before moving into real estate.

As I studied for my real estate license I realized I did not want to be a salesman. Then it occurred to me I could run my real estate business the same way I approached my construction business:  AS A SERVICE. I learned a long time ago that it is my passion for service that energizes me every morning so welcome to HALLAM HOMES – A Real Estate Sales Service.

I work well with both buyers and sellers. For my Buyers I let them know that I am working to find them the home they want, not one I want to sell to them. For my Sellers I never take more then 8 to 10 listings at a time so I can work closely with each and give them the service they deserve to insure they get the highest dollar value for their property.  And I have actually represented both buyer and seller simultaneously as a dual agent for upwards of 30 times. Dual Agency can be a tricky deal and many agents will not handle both sides at once and will refer out to a different agent. I have a good sense of balance and feel comfortable that with full disclosure and sense of honesty and integrity towards both sides, I can navigate the process of buying and selling and successfully close a transaction where both sides get what they want and are fulfilled in the process.

I look forward to working with all who might find my real estate service is what they are looking for.


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