Cedar Glen

Jensen's Mini Mart in Cedar Glen, Ca.
Jensen’s Mini Mart in Cedar Glen, Ca.

Cedar Glen is on the south side of the Lake Arrowhead Woods accessed by way of Hook Creek Road which connects to Highway 173, one of the 3 main roads circling the Lake. At the beginning of Cedar Glen is a commercial area with a small Jensen’s Market, a gas station, coffee shop, hardware store, 2 or more hair/nail salons, several novelty stores, Post Office, gym and steak house restaurant as well as several other businesses.

Cedar Glen, Ca Post Office - 92321
Cedar Glen, Ca Post Office – 92321

Past this commercial district there is a nice residential area which has LACSD (Lake Arrowhead) water and sewer but no lake rights. Beyond this initial residential area, the rest of Cedar Glen is on septic and a special district water agency. As you head up Hook Creek you will find a somewhat famous malt shop with great hamburgers, an Arrowhead Acupuncture office and several other businesses but Cedar Glen is mostly a residential neighborhood. There is a lot of open land as you go up as well as a Boy Scout Camp. The higher you go the ore sparse are the residential neighborhoods. While mostly paved, there are some dirt roads mixed in.

Quick Facts:

  • Zip Code: 92321
  • Elevation: 5,403 ft (1,647 m)
  • Population: 552 (2010 Census)