Crest Park

Crest Park is a small community just below Highway 18 and east of Hwy 173. Best access is to turn on Rim of the World from Highway 18. The homes in this area fill the smaller streets on either side of Rim of the World and two thirds of the way down both sides Burnt Mill Road. At that point Burnt Mill Road moves into the Arrowhead Woods and those homes have lake rights to Lake Arrowhead. Crest Park does not have lake rights.

Most of the roads are plowed and maintained in Crest Park but there are some roads that are not so best to ask your agent when purchasing a home if non County plowed roads would be an issue.

There is no commercial areas of Crest Park which is primarily residential. However Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church is here as well as a tow truck yard. The Village in Lake Arrowhead is close by so easy quick access from Crest Park and as already mentioned, easy quick access to Highway 18.