Rimforest is mostly defined by the business district we encounter soon after we pass the Crestline turn off traveling up Highway 18. When you see the Valero gas station on the right you will know you are in Rim Forest. Before you get to Valero there are several businesses and a fire station on the left. When you come to Pine intersecting Highway 18 on the right, this is the business district. If you take the Pine cut off you will find several business including a heating and air contractor, the offices of SCE and So Cal Gas before you come to Rim Lumber. The other end of Pine comes back to Highway 18 at the Valero gas station which also has a drive through car wash. On the other side of Valero is a public storage facility, and across the Highway will be the Rimforest Veterinary Office on the corner of Highway 18 and Bear Springs Road.

Bear Springs will lead you into the residential area of Rimforest on the north side of the Highway. It goes in about a mile before Bear Springs takes us into Twin Peaks. On the south side of the Highway behind Pine and the business district is another residential section with a limited number of homes, many of which have a very nice city light view as these homes are on the “Rim”. Many of the residential streets of Rimforest, especially on the north side, are narrow and winding. And again like almost all other residential neighborhoods with a city like name, are actually “unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County”.


Quick Facts:

  • Zip Code: 92378
  • Elevation: 5,642 ft (1,720 m)
  • Featured in Season 5 of Storage Wars