Arrowhead Woods / Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead is a unique community with a private lake available for use only by those residents who own homes in the neighborhood streets that spread in all directions around the Lake Arrowhead. If you look at a local map of Lake Arrowhead there will be a red line border that defines the “Woods”.

Homeowners in the Woods section have the right to fish, put a boat on the lake for water skiing or most any other kind of water sports. A Woods Homeowner can purchase or rent a boat dock to convenience their lake recreation use.

The only lake use that visitors have would be for water skiing or sail boat lessons that are offered commercially.

Woods Homeowners can pay a yearly fee to the Arrowhead Lake Association (ALA) for yearly passes that allows them access to the ALA trail around the lake as well as the 3 Beach Clubs for an additional fee. Best to check with ALA for the current fee schedule.


ALA runs a tight ship with rules and regulations governing the lake use and the boat docs and a certain part of any residential lot on the waterfront. ALA has rules to determine how much of any waterfront lot falls under the jurisdiction of their authority. These rules restrict building and hardscape/landscape development in that part of the lots claimed by ALA. They also restrict tree removal or trimming and they will tell you straight out that cutting a tree to improve or create view is not an acceptable reason.

Tree cutting generally needs to be approved in the Woods area and while the Woods is not an Association it does have an Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee that regulates everything from tree removal to the style of home you can construct. They want to approve any fencing or paint colors of homes in their jurisdiction.

In the 2008 real estate downturn, homes in the Arrowhead Woods held their value better then any other area in San Bernardino County losing 39 – 40% of their value whereas everywhere else in the County, prices fell by 50% or more. Riverside County had a drop of 60%.

There are a lot of homes that come up in “Arrowhead” on a public search site but only the Woods has the coveted lake rights to the second largest lake on the mountain.

The commercial area is principally in the “Arrowhead Village” where you can find multiple restaurants, various kinds of business offices and shops, some of which are outlet stores. There are also many real estate offices as well as a Bank of America on the lower level.  On the upper level is the State Brothers Market, California Bank and Trust, more restaurants/eateries, Post Office and more shops and offices.

Left of the Village Entrance is the beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort Hotel with a lake view restaurant. To the left of the Hotel is one of the Beach Clubs called Burnt Mill which shares a parking lot with the Arrowhead Brewery. Just outside and across the street from the Village are several hotels/motels and more restaurants. Also in the Village are several condominium complexes and the Village itself is surrounded by docks including some for day use so residents can actually take their boats to the Village for lunch or dinner instead of driving.

The summer months present free live entertainment from mostly Retro Bands that perform on the Center Stage right in the heart of the Village. You can purchase tables for each event and invite friends and relatives and bring your own food and drink or purchase at the event. There is a lawn section where those who get there early can watch the show. Otherwise you an stand around the pathways around the stage in front of the shops.

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Arrowhead Woods Map

Arrowhead Woods is an area wherein homes within the designated area can have “Lake Rights” or access to Lake Arrowhead, a private lake. Living within these boundaries gives property owners access to Arrowhead Lake Association and available local beach and boating activity access. You can learn more about Arrowhead Lake Association by visiting their website here.

You can download a copy of the Arrowhead Woods area map here.