Arrowhead Villas

Entrance to Arrowhead Villas from Hwy 18

The Villas is a small community made up mostly of narrow residential streets branching off the main path through  the center of the community called Arrowhead Villas Road. This main road can be accessed from Highway 18,  just past the Highway 173 turn of down into Lake Arrowhead proper, or from Kuffel Canyon Road. There is a small section of the Villas that can only be accessed from the top of Kuffel Canyon Road just below Highway 18 via a street called Sycamore. The two areas of the Villas are not directly connected. The Villas has one of the most beautiful and mature forests on the mountain.   However streets are tight and the terrain is mostly steep. The heavy forest allows snow and ice remain longer because of the shade offered by the tall trees which may be welcomed in the summer months, but does not allow the sun to reach the streets below to melt the snow in winter. A positive for the Villas is that they have their own snow plow just for their community. Snow plowing is part of the yearly fee charged to the Villa residents at a cost of about $980 per year or $82 per month. This fee is paid to the Arrowhead Villas Mutual Water Company and they say they are not a homeowners association. The fee includes water and trash pick up.

The Tudor House

Even though the homes tend to be close to each other, the heavy forest often offers good privacy for many of the properties. There is at least one hotel which rumors legend to be an old brothel from the 1920’s and 30’s. Bracken Fern Manor is across Arrowhead Villas Road from the Tudor House. The Tudor house was originally a Speakeasy during the prohibition period and throughout the decades has been a residence, real estate office and is currently a restaurant-bar with live entertainment and special events. The Villas are relatively close to Lake Arrowhead proper (The Woods) but the Villa properties do not have lake rights to the Arrowhead Lake.