Arrowbear Lake

Arrowbear is a small community that strattles either side of Highway 18 soon after you exit the Running Springs area.   Most of the homes are on the right side as you head up Highway 18 but there is a smaller section on the left.

There are a number of commercial establishments along Highway 18 including a gas station and convenience store, Blondie’s Coffee Shop, a do-it-your-self car wash, beef jerky store, motel, ski equipment, etc.

The streets of Arrowbear are generally narrow and while there are a few locations where you can get good privacy, many of the streets in this community have homes that are fairly close together.

Some refer to Arrowbear as Arrowbear Lake but if Green Valley Lake is more like a pond, then Arrowbear Lake is a watering hole.  No lake to speak of.

One of the nice features of Arrowbear are the outcropping of rock formations similar to what is found in the Big Bear area.

Because of the higher elevation of over 6000 feet, Arrowbear gets it’s share of snow and ice.


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Quick Facts: 

  • Elevation: 6,086 feet (1,855 m)
  • Population: 736
  • 1/2 Way between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear