Deer Lodge Park

Deer Lodge Park sits above the Arrowhead Woods area and is accessed only by Grass Valley Road which runs from the 5 Corners area of Twin Peaks at Highway 189 and ends at Deer Lodge. Some areas of Deer Lodge have a forest feel with trees but a lot of it has more of the thick brush feel. You can find some properties with acreage in Deer Lodge and a few ranch style properties also. There are no commercial venues here. It is all residential so you will need to go into Blue Jay or Lake Arrowhead for all your shopping needs. Roads tend to be narrow but the terrain is more gentle sloping then much of the rest of the mountain areas. It is open land beyond Deer Lodge as it creeps over the edges into high desert territory and terrain. Although it is immediately attached to the Woods, the properties in Deer Lodge are usually more reasonable priced. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is that Deer Lodge does not have lake rights to Arrowhead Lake.